Become a Member

Membership of DFK UK & Ireland entitles you to full access of the DFK International website and private members area.

Existing members have found the key benefits to be:

  • Sharing of knowledge and skills, technical as well as proactive management
  • Work referrals – based on geographical as well as specialist sectors/services
  • Networking – attending development and marketing group meetings, conferences etc.
“There is no doubt that during the years I have been involved with DFK, I have seen that the more effort you put in and the more people you meet – the more you get out.” Peter Winter, DFK UK & Ireland Chairman

DFK UK & Ireland is currently represented in 29 commercial centres throughout the UK but we are always interested to hear from organisations in areas that are not currently represented. By being part of DFK UK & Ireland, you would be plugging into a targeted and focused association committed to the way that development activities are driven and passionate about the profile that can be achieved within the DFK network globally. Your attendance of course at European, and maybe even International Conferences, would be welcomed and needless to say this would continue to intensify your profile.

All membership enquiries should be directed to