29 Apr 2019


Lee Davy-Martin of Wilson Wright work with Polymateria

At Wilson Wright, we pride ourselves on making it count. This can take various guises and is clearly bespoke to each client and their circumstance.

Where our purpose and values are closely aligned with that of our clients, we can collaborate more extensively to achieve extraordinary results.

Lee Davy-Martin, one of our partners, set out on a journey just over three years ago with his co-founder Jonathan Sieff, Chairman of Polymateria to develop a technology that could help rid the world of plastic litter in the natural environment.

Polymateria has completed three rounds of funding since inception with the last round raising £5m at a £60m post money valuation, making use of the valuable EIS benefits for investors to attract inward investment. The equity funding has been supplemented by regular and optimum vat refunds and R&D tax credits which we are proud to have prepared for Polymateria.

Having launched the technology to market in 2018, Polymateria is now garnering significant commercial traction.

Polymateria’s proprietary technology called Biotransformation is a new generation of technology promoting complete biodegradation of plastic into completely natural and non-hazardous byproducts without the production of micro plastics at any stage in the process.

As you can see, Polymateria is attracting some notable interest and we are delighted to see another one of our clients #makingitcount.

Lee Davy-Martin of Wilson Wright work with Polymateria
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