26 Feb 2020


On the "Wright" track

A leading London firm of accountants has been recognised for its contribution to DFK International by being named firm of the year for Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Wilson Wright was presented with the DFK EMEA Firm of the Year Award during the region’s annual conference held in Madrid in February.

The accolade is presented to the firm which has contributed the most to the positive development of the region throughout the year.

The City of London-based firm, which celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2018, offers a range of accountancy, tax and business advisory services to businesses and private clients with interests across the UK and all over the world.

Since joining DFK International in 2015, it has been a highly active member across all fronts. In addition to forming relationships and making frequent referrals in EMEA and beyond, Wilson Wright is a regular attendee at conferences and participant on committees.

Partner Warren Baker, who himself has been instrumental in developing a training programme for young professionals across UK and Ireland and EMEA, described it as “wonderful recognition of the efforts of our whole team”.

He said:

This award reflects the interaction that all of us at Wilson Wright have with DFK on a daily basis, and we feel really blessed to be part of an association that is like an extended family and offers the support to enable us to serve our clients to the highest standards.

“We are proud of the recognition as it is really important to us that we are seen as an integral part of DFK. We work really hard to make relationships across DFK so that we can grow the firm. It is a significant part of our marketing process.

DFK is an amazing organisation with wonderful people and the key to being a member is to contribute and engage.

Anne Brady, vice-president of DFK EMEA, said: “Since joining, Wilson Wright have been a very active firm within DFK International.

“They have given a number of referrals to other firms, and CEO and partner Adam Cramer and partner Warren Baker have participated on many committees and attended numerous conferences along with other colleagues.

“We are delighted that they have won the DFK EMEA Firm of the Year Award in recognition of their contribution.”

Wilson Wright
Anne Brady, Vice President of DFK EMEA presents Warren Baker with the DFK EMEA Firm of the Year Award 2020
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