11 Oct 2018


Wilson Wright is ‘Making it Count’ as it celebrates its 125th anniversary

City of London accountancy firm, Wilson Wright, is ‘Making it Count’ as it celebrates its 125th anniversary.

The firm is celebrating the occasion by sharing the ‘Making it Count’ moments of Partners, staff, clients and contacts.

The soundbites, contained within 125-second long videos, capture each individual’s personal approach and how they have got to where they are by making a difference across a wide range of sectors, industries and the wider community.

Each ‘Making it Count’ moment was unveiled by the firm to its staff at a ‘Quasquicentennial’ celebratory dinner on 5 October 2018.

Now, individual ‘Making it Count’ videos will be published across the remaining three months of 2018, beginning with Scott Dann, the Crystal Palace defender and a client of the firm.

Adam Cramer, a Partner at Wilson Wright who has contributed his own ‘Making it Count’ moment, said: “We are proud of the people who make Wilson Wright what it is today, from clients, to professional contacts, to our staff and our partners.

“It is the individual differences made by these people that we are celebrating with ‘Making it Count’.

“The videos feature some wonderfully inspirational stories and insights into how some of the UK’s most successful individuals have got to where they are today.”

Each video will be published on the firm’s website at: https://www.wilsonwright.com/making-it-count/ and on social media, including on Twitter, @WilsonWrightLLP.

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